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Caribbean Stud Poker pits your 5-card poker hand against the dealer's, but it adds a couple of twists to provide a strategic element.

Basic Caribbean Stud Poker Rules:

After placing the ante, you are dealt 5 cards face up, while the dealer receives 5 cards, with one showing. You must then decide whether to bet or fold. Folding forfeits the hand and the ante is lost. If you decide to bet, twice the amount of the ante is added to the pile and the dealers cards are displayed. In order for the bet to continue, the dealers hand must contain at least an Ace-King to qualify. If the hand does not qualify, your bet and ante are returned and you win an amount equal to the ante. If the dealers hand does qualify and your hand beats it, the ante is returned and your bet is paid out according to the value of the hand. If the dealer's hand wins you lose the ante and the bet.