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Basic Video Poker Rules:

Deuces Wild Videopoker is extremely popular because it is easy to play, yet contains an element of strategy. The player first chooses what denomination of coins they wish to use, ranging from 5 cents to $5. The player then deposits coins into the machine and bets up to five coins on the hand. Once the cards are dealt the player selects which cards to keep or "hold". The remaining cards are replaced in the second deal. After the second deal the player is paid out based on the rank of the resulting poker hand.

Deuces Wild is great fun because all twos are wild. This means that they can be used as any card, giving the player a much greater chance of achieving high hands, including 5 of a kind! To compensate for this advantage, three of a kind is the minimum hand to win. The player is paid according to the rank of the video poker hand, as shown on the game machine.