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Free Ride is an exciting, high stakes game of five card poker. It allows you to increase your bet twice if the hand looks promising, and the payouts can be very high! You are not competing against the dealer, just trying to get the best possible hand, which pays out according to a value structure. You begin by placing an initial bet. Three cards are dealt to you, at which point you must decide whether to add to your bet or pass. Either way another card is dealt, and you have a final opportunity to bet or pass before the last card is dealt.

Basic Free Ride Poker Rules:
Once all five cards are on the table, your hand pays out according to its value:

Royal Flush:

1000 to 1

Straight flush:

200 to 1

Four of a kind:

50 to 1

Full house:

11 to 1


8 to 1


5 to 1

Three of a kind:

3 to 1

Two pair:

2 to 1

Pair of tens or higher:

1 to 1

Less than a pair of tens:

Lose your bet

There is also a Progressive coin slot which costs $1 to play. It produces a bonus payout for good hands: Royal Flush: 100% of Progressive jackpot Straight flush: %10 of Progressive jackpot Four of a kind: $250 Full house: $150 Flush: $100. Maximum payout on Free Ride is $50,000 per hand.