Sports Gambling Basics
Tips on Placing Sport Wagers

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Among the most popular gambling sports for placing bets are NFL and college football games, followed by NBA and NCAA basketball. Within these seasonal sports are multiple betting challenges and wagering opportunities that begin with the basic wager on a games outcome (betting the side).

Point spreads are used both in football and basketball to even the odds of each team in a match up. Alternatively, one can simply bet on the money line, or straight-up, winner of the game. Oddmakers use the moneyline so that more money must be risked on the favorite, or expected winner, and less money will be placed on the underdog in order to balance the action on both sides. Moneyline gambling can be an attractive option for basketball and football bettors who only care about picking a winner. It is the main option for those bettors who enjoy wagering on MLB baseball or sports like boxing, NASCAR and tennis.

Points (or Runs) Scored: An Over/Under total is another bet across all major team sports such as basketball, baseball and football which involves wagering on the amount of scoring which will be accomplished in a game. For Example: If the Over/Under total on a football game is 48... this means a bettor could wager whether there will be more, or less, than 48 points scored by both teams combined during the game. If the final score of the game is 24-21, the scoring of both teams add up to 45. This means the game went Under the Total (48). Lucky sports bettors who bet the UNDER won their wager, and the bettors who bet OVER lost their bets.

Future Bets: Sports gambling doesnt just start and end here. Betting sides and totals are the most common of sport wagers but many sportsbooks offer future bets on big upcoming games such as who will win the Super Bowl at seasons end, or who will win a Grammy this year. The main advantage of future betting is you can get better odds by betting well in advance. As an Example: with NFL futures one can often get much higher odds on a team by betting before the season starts. An NFL future bet on a team to win the Super Bowl might be 20/1 preseason but by midseason the odds might decrease to 10/1 if they turn out to be contenders.

Proposition Bets (or Props), focus on the more exotic aspects of a game that is widely televised. Proposition bets are popular in Las Vegas when wagering on the Super Bowl. Which team will win the coin toss, score first, or what player will score the first touchdown of the game make for exciting props.

Online sports betting offers fans ease and convenience when it comes to putting a few bucks on a game. Internt sportsbooks have given anyone with Web access the opportunity to place a quick wager any time, day or night. An array of wagers can be placed on games that are to be played that day. You may put money down using the pointspread or the moneyline, and you can bet on the over/under.

These three kinds of popular bets may be placed on baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and soccer contests. When wagering on baseball or hockey, you will find that the most popular bet is the moneyline. Another common wager made by sportsbook players combines the spread and money line. In baseball this type of bet is called the run line, and in hockey it is known as the puck line. You may put money down on a team using one, or more, of these type wagers.

The Parlay is an additional popular sports betting twist, which allows a substantial increase in ones profit margin... with an added risk of losing. With point spread betting, the favored team has points taken away, as the seemingly weaker club is given extra points. Point spreads are common when wagering on football and basketball. Let us say you have placed a bet on the Baltimore at Pittsburgh matchup, and the point spread is 3 ½, with the Steelers at - 3 ½ . You put a sawbuck on Baltimore and watch them lose 21- 20. They may have lost, but you won some money. Why? In terms of the point spread, Baltimore had 3 and a half points ADDED to their final score because they were underdogs. For you to lose, Pittsburgh would have had to win by at least 4 points.

Half-points that oddsmakers put in point spreads are meant to guard against a PUSH. This occurs when BOTH sides of a game are Winners (or Losers) according to the Spread. Three point favorites who win by exactly 3 points have PUSHED. And, three point underdogs who have lost by 3 points exactly, have also pushed. No one makes money. No one loses. Like the sports gamblers are fond of saying, "it is like kissing your sister."

Most of the betting public gets ALL their information by watching Sports Shows on Television. Cable offers many more channels, and all these outlets have so-called experts. These TV Touts may be ex-athletes, ex coaches, wimps who read every book, article or column ever printed about their team, star athlete, or hot coach. They ALL have opinions. Before gametime, you will learn which expert picked which team and you may be influenced.
Here is the MOST VALUABLE BETTING TIP you will ever receive. If 4 of the 5 experts pick Team A, place your money on team B. If EVERY expert picks Team B, make Team A your BEST BET of the day.

One more sports betting tip which should keep you happy most of the season, look for ODD point spreads. What is an odd spread? A point spread that is NOT a 3, 4, 7 or 10 AND also has a half point in it. Such as minus 8 and a half, minus 5 and a half, minus 6 and a half, minus 11 and a half, minus 12 and a half. Do you see how odd those point spreads look when compared to the others that will be available? GOOD. Now that you know what makes for an odd looking pointspread, when you see one... TAKE THE POINTS. Bet the underdog.

Both in college football or basketball, or pro football and professional basketball, when it comes to betting against the spread, it is always better to receive than to give the points. Why? The gambling public has been thoroughly brainwashed with stats, star interviews, locker room gossip, and "expert analyst" opinions by game time. They have soaked everything up with their remote control sponge and now it rests in their brains. Their money will be rolling in on the favorite and, if the Fave wins, where will the money come from to pay the Winners? If you really want to improve your sports gambling skills, learn how to bet like a Contrarian (one who doesn't follow the flock) !

Wager wisely. Most gambling pros know what they are doing and will win about 60% of the time. Most professional wagering is not an attempt to win a lot all at once but a steady process whereby, with careful betting, smart people will turn a nice profit.